About AssistRx

Although AssistRx was formed in only 2009, we have capitalized on our 30 years of combined experience working within the specialty distribution channel, both in caring for patients as well as close collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our simple goal is to apply innovative solutions to provide greater access to therapy.

Through years of exposure and insider knowledge, AssistRx (ARX) has become intimately acquainted with specialty therapy distribution, but has also identified shortcomings that exist in meeting patients’ needs using the current industry methodology. Seeking to detangle the intricate complications that arise in this niche market, ARX has developed exclusive technology with our iAssist product and, when combined with our customizable features and superior service, we are confident it will be exactly what your organization needs to resolve prevalent issues and excel in customer care. In fact, we believe our unique technology will revolutionize the current specialty distribution market by creating a seamless and efficient system to ensure benefits to all parties involved.

AssistRx, as a company, is dedicated to developing technology solutions and offering premium customer service for the specialty pharma industry. Improvement in the delivery of patient care has been a core motivation for ARX as we have partnered with healthcare companies, and it will continue to inspire us to find better solutions to continue to meet needs in this ever growing and changing market.

AssistRx, Tomorrow's Technology Today.

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